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Medical Model Alternative Model Next Level Health Model

Relentless pursuit of Identifying & Correcting Root Causes of Illness

Instead of masking symptoms with drugs, surgery or even supplements creating more illness

Whole Body, Whole Life, Holistic Health Approach

That honors the synergistic inter-connectedness of the human body as a whole

Changing The View of “Healthy”

From “Feeling Good” to Functioning 100% because people have cancer and still, “feel good”

Healing comes From Inside

Through the innate healing and regulating powers of your body

Customized Lifestyle Strategies

Designed just for you instead of a one-size-fits-all approach

Whole Body Cellular Detoxification

That removes interferences and releases maximal energy and vitality for optimized health

Service Centered Philosophy

That puts you first instead of physicians, profits and disease-industry businesses

Preventative Epigenetic Approach

That acknowledges the power of lifestyle strategies to turn off disease genes within your body

Long-Term Sustainable Results

So that you can live at your full health potential for the rest of your life

Long-Term Costs

Spending in the Medical and Alternative Model vs. Investing in the Next Level Health

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dr blahnik best selling author

Dr. Emmett Blahnik D.C.,B.S – Official Doctor to TEAM USA World Games, CrossFit Games, PanAM Games Athletes, Olympic Games & Olympians,  IronMan Triathlons, etc. . Dr. Blahnik is a Midwest native who earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater in 1998, as well as Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2006. Dr. Blahnik has been operating some of the Largest Natural Health Clinics in the state and North America.

Dr. Blahnik is also a board certified Clinical Nutritional Counselor, providing advanced and cutting edge Customized Nutritional Solutions.

Dr. Emmett is a contributor to the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall-Street Journal Best-seller One Minute Wellness and is currently in the process of completing another health and Wellness inspired book coming soon. His passion to inspire, motivate and educate literally every individual he meets to fulfill their potential in health and life. His passion is a result of growing up in a family with personal tragedies in health and poverty.

He witnessed his mother have two heart attacks at the age of 32 and then go on to battle cancer, a hysterectomy and prescription drug addiction at a young age. He watched his father struggle with high blood pressure and heart disease and pass away at a young 55 years old due to poor lifestyle choices. After his grandmother died of cancer at 58 and he watched his grandfather literally, “take his last breaths” due to cancer, and most recently experienced his sister at the age of 30 be diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Dr. Emmett is undeniably serving a calling and purpose in life. He devotes his life to serving a mission to help people transform their lifestyle and reach a better quality of life with a “Whole Body Health” approach.

dr emmett blahnik at olympicsDr. Blahnik was selected to be the US Wellness Advisory Council Chairman and they agreed that, Dr. Emmett is “one of the best in the country.” As a Coach for, and “Official Doctor” of USA Olympic Athletes and World Teams in Wrestling, working with athletes from USA Swimming, USA Grappling and USA Weight Lifting. Dr. Emmett’s mission is in serving patients and helping potential Students of Natural Whole Body Health realize their potential gift as Doctors. His innovative strategies, inspiration, and passion for helping people are the foundation to his thriving local practice, as well as,  many clinics he consults for around the world.

Dr. Emmett had the honor of being selected as one of the youngest ever Doctors in history to serve at the Olympic and World team level. His incredible contributions to his the local community that he serves has allowed him to be invited as a guest speaker to many of the Universities that teach Health Care around the country. At seminars, conferences, and media appearances throughout North America, he shows people how to apply his Whole Body Health Solutions that will get you to the Next Level in health, happiness and Life.

In addition to being a devoted husband to Lisa and World renowned Speaker, Author and Traveler, Dr. Emmett is an outstanding athlete. He is a NCAA Scholar/ Academic All American in Wrestling and he is also a 5x time IRONMAN Triathlon Finisher (IM Canada, IM Wisconsin, IM Arizona, IM Florida, IM Texas. Dr. Emmett is training for another CrossFit Games competition this year, as well as, with the some of the Best Athletes in the World. His list of athletic accomplishments includes: U.S. National Greco Roman Wrestling Team, Wisconsin Boxing Golden Gloves Runner-up, US National Rugby Team, Multiple Marathon Finishes and CrossFit Games Open Finisher.

Lisa Blahnik

I was born and raised in Beaver Dam, WI. Received my BBA from the University of WI-Whitewater in 1999. After college, I pursued a Masters in Eastern Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences. Then to all our family and friend’s surprise (even myself!) we followed our hearts to open up a Whole Body Health Clinic in Madison, WI. It’s been quite a journey…however, getting to know each of our patients and developing what I consider a “unique” relationship…because everyone feels like an extension of my family… has been such a blessing!

Everyone says the “key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” but that includes ME! I love to cook, try new recipes and foods that are  Nutrient Dense / Rich adding value to our health and future, “Most” of my recipes taste great, but I can admit I’m learning along the way.