Ants on A Log: Snack Attack

Ants on a log
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Recently I was asked, “What can I give my kids as Healthy Snack when I’m literally Attacked for a treat”.   As a self proclaimed Super Uncle of 14 and God Parent to many, I don’t believe in depriving kids of fun snacks and stuff especially when they are surrounded by all the colorful “Kid Snacks” available at our fingertips.

A bit of a Rant for These Healthy ANTS:  When we really take a look at the “Kid Foods” available it’s interesting to know that recent studies conclude that Major Companies spend over 13 Billion dollars annually marketing specifically to Kids and Parents things that are touted as “Snacks” for kids.  You and your Kids are literally being targeted by a Major Corporation to buy or make things that have all the bright colors, all the Characters, Toys and all the fun things to make this the, “Thing to Do”, but it also comes with the things that contain the detrimental Food Dyes (attributed to ADD/ADHD), Artificial Colorings (known carcinogens), NO beneficial vitamins nor the ANY valuable nutritients your kids brains and bodies need to thrive. In fact it’s PACKED with refined Sugars which are Anti-Nutritents that literally rob your children from ANY beneficial health and wellness they deserve ANY bio-functional devolepment standpoint .

THE Challenge: We ALL are struggling today with this battle between temporary Happiness (Something Fun) and the tug of war for the even more valuable Healthiness of your Kids.  I’m certain every parent would agree they are far more concerned with the Health of their children rather then an hour of temporary bliss from being jacked up on Sugar.  Type II Diabetes is a real issue affecting more children then ever before in history, but the problem is you and YES YOU don’t think it will affect YOUR KIDS or worse you don’t think it will affect the kids you influence the tasty treats you give your friends kids. At what point would you say it IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY?

I personally come from an ADD/ADHD background,  which is why I realize you are adding FUEL TO THE FIRE with this crap.  It’s a nightmare, but yet some parents don’t think they have any responsibility for the diagnosis they get or their children will get 2,5, or 10 years  from now, Which is completely self-indused.  PLEASE ASK YOURSELF….”Could I really be Part of this Problem or Could I Really BE Part of this  Solution.  Let’s get creative with Healthy, as well as,  Happy alternatives.

Ants on a logAnts on a Log! Is a great example of a healthy and happy alternative.  As I was explaining this idea to a patient I remembered vividly how I felt when I was younger, when my friends Mom told me these where special raisens that would Attack the Bad Bugs in my body that made me sick.  She said, “So eat as many of these as you can so they will fight the bad bugs”.

If you are concerned about peanut butter use Almond Butter which I think is even better and healthier.

The kids are gonna ooohh and aaahhh about those little ants.  And go crazy as the crunch into the first bite of that crispy celery and creamy almond butter or peanut butter.  It will be fun and exciting to talk with them about especially when you teach them how good it is for their developing bodies.

Ants on a Log

Nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew – let your mind run wild!)
Raisins ( any type of dried fruit will do: raisens, cranberries, even blueberries)

Spread the nut butter into the inner crease of the celery stalk. Top with raisins.

Make a story out of the Ant Attack and Enjoy!

***The best part of this is when you create the story line of the Ant Journey with your kids, while you are making it***

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